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"To make sure the research does not stay in the labs and papers." (Our Goal)

Embedded AI Lab


Unmanned Ground Vehicle
Coordinator (Dr. Hasan & Dr Wahju)


R&D and Business Activities:
1) Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)
2) Computer vision and deep learning (GPU, cloud, embedded)
3) Autonomous/ unmanned robotics (mobile robots & drones)
4) Smart CCTV & surveillance solutions (facial recognition, action prediction, etc)


Our Facilities:
•NVIDIA Jetson Nano development kit
•NVIDIA Jetson TX2
•Google Coral embedded board
•Renesas R-Car H2 embedded board
•NXP SBC-S32V234 ADAS embedded board
•SICK DL 100-21AA2101 P/N 1052684 Long Range Distance Sensor
•Hella ADAS Driving Video Recorder DR 760
•Mobileye 630 ADAS
•Workstations (Windows/ Linux)
•Driving/ ADAS simulator
•Turtlebots with LIDAR(10 units)


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